K.A.G School and Day Care - Kenya

Jesse started working with Florence and David Nthiga in 1990. He has worked with them for the past 25 years.

Jesse was asked to go to Africa back in 1990 to do an evangelistic campaign. He was given free reign on how this evangelistic campaign was going to go.  He ask them to get two pastors that were trained and wanted to start a church. Jesse and Kay went up to the northern part by Mount Kenya to the village of Nkubu. They started working with Pastors David and Florence Nthiga. They built a stage together and they got electricity from the bar next door. That is where they started to preach. Through the years Global Renewal has helped Pastors David and Florence Nthiga to purchase the land and build a church, the K.A.G. Church in Nkubu. The other pastor from this evangelistic campaign started a church in Nairobi. 

Pastor David and Florence are committed to help suffering humanity. They started to take in orphan children off the streets. The number has now grown to 300. They minister to these children by providing two meals a day, schooling and teaching the Word of God. They have also set up the Jesse Foundation to help support these orphans. These pastors are so reliable and committed to help the people and children of this country.  These are two legendary servants of God that have been found trustworthy over the past 25 years. Jesse invested in these pastors and believed in them. It is amazing what they are doing now and how these children will be affected for a lifetime.

These pastors need to purchase more land for the school and the children need a place to run and play.  Please prayerfully consider donating to this vital ministry for the orphaned children.

Please visit our Giving web page if you want to make a donation.  Once you pay with your credit card or log in you will be brought to the review your donation page.  On that page click on special instructions for your donation and state the donation is for the K.A.G. School and Daycare.