About Us

Jesse and Kay Owens have a highly effective, enthusiastic, experienced ministry. Many years of spiritual leadership and diverse ministry background have culminated in the founding of Global Renewal, Inc.

Jesse and Kay have incorporated their vast ministry experience and personal histories into a contemporary ministry and message that is filled with joy, hope and renewal. In traveling the globe they have experienced and learned much about the effectiveness of a successful ministry in a city and region. Their intent is to share these valuable life lessons and pass along these benefits to future generations.

The Owen's have served God together in ministry for more than 50 years. These years have involved leadership as: Senior Pastors, Church Planters, State Youth Director, Campus Ministry Pioneer, Evangelists, Conference Speakers and Foreign Missionaries. This wide range of experience has equipped them to speak to churches in a very unique and informed manner.

In 1978, Jesse and Kay, along with 29 others, acquired a vacated gothic church building located directly across the street from Princeton University. From the beginning, the church was based upon the New Testament model of a church. In 1986, they resigned their post and went into mission work full-time, leaving behind a thriving church of 500 in attendance.

Since 1986 Jesse and Kay have implemented this same model all around the globe, assisting in the establishment of ongoing Christian outreaches in more than fifteen nations. In 1997 they founded Global Renewal, Inc. as an outgrowth of their work to assist national and international Teen Challenge Centers in opening new centers and training leaders throughout the world. They have traveled to 101 countries since that time, leaving behind many viable churches and centers with the intent to Share the Love of God and Help Addicts Find Freedom.

Board of Directors 

Jesse Owens
Executive Director & President
Boiling Springs, PA

Rev. Pete Hartwig
Vice President
Pastor, Charlottesville First Assembly
Charlottesville, VA

Tammy Farrell
Owner, TNT Graphics
Pine Grove Mills, PA

Judith N. Cornman
Dillsburg, PA

Rev. Sal Bennardo
Pastor, Bethpage Assembly of God
Bethpage, NY

Paul Harrison
Pennington, NJ

David Hopkins
Broadcast Center Director
Princeton University
Willingboro, NJ

Gary Newcomer
Business Owner
Gayr Croft, Inc.
White Deer, PA

Don Wilkerson
President and Executive Director
Brooklyn Teen Challenge

Global Renewal U.S.A. Office 


  • Global Renewal is one of the most important partners of Teen Challenge in our worldwide outreach to drug addicts, alcoholics, gangs and prostitutes. They have helped establish new faith-based residential rehabilitation centers in strategic nations in Africa, Central Asia, Latin America and the Far East. As a result, hundreds of lives are being reclaimed, renewed and returned to society as miraculously changed individuals. In addition, Global Renewal is helping mentor and finance the training of leaders for the Teen Challenge programs. We are grateful to Global Renewal and their staff and supporters for coming alongside Teen Challenge in bringing hope to the hopeless, healing to the hurting and new life to the addicted. This is truly a life-saving and soul-saving ministry.

    - Don Wilkerson Founder of Teen Challenge International

    I have been with the Gallop Poll for half a century. My father started the Gallop Poll in 1963 and it has been my life long career. I am so happy to have the opportunity to endorse a wonderful global ministry. Actually there are two ministries—Global Teen Challenge and Global Renewal. Many people have heard about Teen Challenge and its incredible work with people with addictions and their incredible cure rate. Global Renewal is assisting Teen Challenge. Global Renewal was established in 1997 by my friend Jesse Owens. These two ministries are having an enormous impact all around the world in helping people deal with their addictions as they turn to the Lord in all the continents of this world. In fact, there are now Teen Challenge centers in over 90 countries. I urge you enthusiastically to support this wonderful work which is bringing new hope to people in all walks of life in all areas of the world.

    - George Gallup The Gallup Poll

    Global Renewal is a growing agency dedicated to helping people break the bonds of slavery—slavery to drugs and alcohol, sexual slavery, and other forms of life-controlling habits and abuse. All of the people associated with this outreach are working sacrificially to empower the weak, bind up the wounded, and rehabilitate people who have fallen all over the world. Global Renewal started as just one couple-Jesse and Kay Owens, who have a special gift for loving people and changing their lives for the good. By teaching others to cultivate those gifts and by encouraging and sponsoring other like-minded people, they have built an organization that is having an impact around the globe. Global Renewal works in partnership with Teen Challenge, one of the world’s leading faith-based relief and development agencies. Focusing primarily on the rehabilitation of drug addicts, together these ministries have the data to prove that they offer a real solution to addicts and document success in setting them free. Your gifts to Global Renewal are a strategic investment in making the world a better place.

    - Joseph Castleberry, Ed.D. President, Northwest University, Kirkland WA

    In the hymn, Valley of Silence, Fanny Crosby wrote, “I walked in the world with the worldly, and I craved what the world never gave.” The fallen world with all its allurements will always promise, and always fail, to fulfill the soul. Many who have craved the world’s empty promises have not only run far away from God but have found themselves caught in a great trap – addiction. Those who have tried to escape this trap have often failed since it is nearly impossible to do so under one’s own power. They also lose heart because they know the incredible distance addiction has taken them from any sense of peace and joy and love. This distance can be imponderably great. But the good news is - this distance is not impossibly great. Click here to read Grant's full story Walking in the Word with the Godly.

    - Grant Goodeve Actor, Musician, TV Host